Belong - Beating Cancer Together

Belong.Life is an app that provides people with cancer and their families a unique and personalized solution to help manage cancer.

The Breast Health Foundation has partnered with the Pink Parasol Project to create a forum for Breast Cancer Warriors in SA within the Belong App

Belong users will be able to read relevant information that connects them to Breast Health information and help, along with accessing Belong’s other wide range of features.

Belong Life join membership area

To join our membership zone, follow the steps below or reference these visual instructions.

Using your mobile phone, click here to download the free app.

  • Click “sign up now” and enter your profile information (if you would like to remain anonymous, you do not have to enter your real name)
  • Enter your mobile phone number and you will receive a text message with a verification code
  • Click the three lines in the top right corner (also known as the “hamburger menu”)
  • Click “my memberships” and “add”
  • Enter code: bcsupport