Areola Tattoos?

We are providing areola tattoos to cancer survivors who cannot afford the final phase of breast reconstruction

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Breast Cancer on your mind?

Change the way you think about breast cancer

#clearthestigma is aimed at providing breast cancer education and hope to the women of South Africa. Because breast cancer is not a death sentence. In fact, 95% of women survive breast cancer when detected early. But not everyone knows that. Jet wants women to know the facts about breast cancer. Because the more we talk about breast cancer, the more we empower women facing the disease and fight the stigma attached to it. We can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Help Jet and the Breast Health Foundation #clearthestigma and spread less fear and more hope.

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Bosom Buddies Logo

Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies provides emotional support to woman and men affected by Breast Cancer at point of diagnosis, during any treatment and thereafter. Run by volunteers, the “Buddies” create a loving, warm and compassionate environment in which they support not only the breast cancer patients, but also their spouses, partners, family members, loved ones and supporters.

We also seek to support all those affected by Breast Cancer through telephonic care trees.


All proceeds from the sales of products on our website go towards our fundraising and are not for profit. Funds raised are utilised to support Breast Cancer patients, their families and supporters through our various projects and initiatives.