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About The Breast Health Foundation

The Breast Health Foundation, which is a Not for Profit Company, was established in April 2002 in conjunction with several companies and organisations to educate the public on Breast Cancer and breast health, increase awareness and empower women.
It’s founding was facilitated by individuals who held deep concerns around women’s health issues in South Africa and had the intentions to educate the public on breast health issues in general and Breast Cancer in particular.

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Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies provides emotional support to men & woman affected by Breast Cancer at point of diagnosis, during any treatment and thereafter. Run by volunteers, the “buddies” create a loving, warm and compassionate environment in which they support not only the breast cancer patients but also their spouses, partners, parents, children, siblings and friends.

We seek to support all those affected by Breast Cancer through telephonic care trees