Nosi Dumzele

Western Cape, Khayelitsha

In August 2014 I noticed that my right breast had a lump in it and there was an another lump under my arm. The following day I went to work and told my manager about my discovery. She advised me to go to clinic, which I did and they referred me to Groote Schuur Hospital’s Breast Care Clinic. After doing a biopsy, my results were positive for stage 2 Breast Cancer. I underwent chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and radiation treatment to prevent the Breast Cancer spreading to my bones and other organs.

Because of the support and strength the staff all gave me, I was inspired to give back to the Breast Cancer Community. I now work for the Breast Health Foundation as it feeds my soul to give other’s the support I received – to raise awareness on the signs and symptoms and to educate men and women about Breast Cancer.

Most of my fieldwork takes place at Khayelitsha’s clinics and day hospital andI refer patients to Groote Schuur. My role is to navigate them through their treatments, surgeries and survivorship. I ensure they don’t default from their treatment plan, provide support and counselling to them, their family, friends and if need be, even their colleagues sometimes.